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Courting Fullpack Trickster in the US (Part 2)

Technical support from Trickster didn’t respond.  I guess I am not surprised, but then again, I don’t discourage that easily.  I went out on Google and looked up the President of SG Interactive (Woo Dong Lee), and put together a letter to him.  I basically explained my son’s interest in running a game, my background in the hosting and software development space and tried to present some win-win options that would allow Trickster to live on in the USA.  We’ll see what happens!

Courting Fullpack Trickster in the US

That’s right, you heard me right. When my son told me Trickster had shut its boxes down in the US, the first thing I did was…. well… feel bad for my son just a tad because I know he loved that game.

Then, I realized I would never see Fistmas Present or Experimenty Fresh ever again. I worked hard to build those toons and THEIR VIRTUAL DEATHS would not be in vain!!

I opened a ticket with GameRage, and Jinx, a game master from Pangya, answered back.  Jinx explained the game was not available to be licensed.  Bummer.  So, just now I submitted another ticket – to the Trickster inbox (oops) and explained some of the benefits of letting my son and I host the game. Who knows, maybe soon, Trickster will be back online in the US!