economic terrorism

BofA Bank of Attitude (You thought I mean Bank of America?)

Bank of America asked me to fill out a survey.  They suck.  And my survey reflects that, but I was very careful to mark the representative who assisted me very highly because they did the best they could with the lame tools made available by Bank of America.  You see, I’ve been paying on time and the best he could offer was to reduce my interest rate from 26.4% to 24.9%.  That’s not his fault, it’s BofA’s fault… of course, they will blame the economy, but then, HOW MUCH of our tax money did they get as bail-out for their executive bonus programs?  Why is it that I have one creditor at 0%, one at 7.9% (M&I – they have been upholding their bargain better than I thought), and one at 9.9%?  Surely those creditors are part of the same economy, and two of them received NO bail-out money.  Hmmm. Fascinating.

I crammed this into their 1,000 character feedback box:

“I have been a strong source of recurring interest income for BofA and yet they continue to punish those that are still keeping them alive with outrageous interest rates and poor dispute resolution. I will be closing my bank account and when my card is paid off I will be closing that too.  From the day BofA took over MBNA they have ruined everything MBNA stood for…then again, MBNA sold out, so their vision was only as strong as the pathetically predictable elitists at their helm. Nothing against the employees who try their best to get the best and the brightest to pull their head out of their ass, but I vote with my wallet… it is the only true language the elite will understand.

Your Pal,


Gotta love ’em.

Economic Terrorism

Think about this.  We all know about terrorism, although there is no standard definition for it, we generally accept that an entity, representing a very small and radical set of the larger populace, employs terror as a means of achieving their goals.

I unwittingly realized today, as several thoughts came together within my stressed little brain, that terrorism is being practiced in our economy. In the military there is a “deck of 52” – the most wanted terrorists.  But in our economy, I think we would be hard-pressed to limit the deck to such a small number of names. In the US, I would venture to estimate that there’s a deck of 208? 624? 8,320?  (pull a number out of…well, you can guess) They are practicing economic terrorism.

Yes, I would bet a dollar-two-ninety-eight that this group of financial extremists, operating under the alias of “the best and the brightest” has deployed weapons of mass economic destruction by leeching decades of profits out of every possible venue into their own pockets.

Now, most people would say,”But that is just greed. Not terrorism.” Oh no-no, my friends. Greed might be the idealogy behind these extremist’s actions, but it runs far deeper. For, now that they have unleashed this unholy, monetary-mutilating beast upon the people of this country — indeed this planet — they have also coerced the government into trillions of dollars worth of bail-out.  What does that mean? That their reward for screwing over the entire planet is, they get MORE MONEY!!

And who pays for that? As millions of people (millions, if you caught that) lose their jobs and experience the terror of “the best and the brightest,” these SAME economic terrorists are LEECHING yet more money out of the future via the people who still TRY to remain employed.

AND (oh yes, it does get richer, my fellow lemmings) – what DO YOU THINK happens when this planetary implosion reaches its peak? YES! Demand goes down.  When demand goes down, prices go down. AND WHOOOOOOO will have all the money to MOP UP the failing businesses, failing real estate, and FAILING GOVERNMENTS that have over-extended themselves??? “The best and brightest” will.

There’s no military to stop them.  There’s…nothing…to stop them. No punishments in place. No tribunals or hangings for their weapon of mass destruction or the terror they have caused.  There is nothing but a street lined with gold, and they will be repaving that in platinum – because gold is passe.

That’s my little theory. Some days, it is good to be wrong.