Chapter 111 – Out of Order

“I made another video.”

“Wow, you’ve been busy… what about the video game and the television show?”

“Oh yeah, I submitted the video game idea to the Nexon Initiative. I will know in June if they decide to fund it.”

“Are you happy?”

Now, why did she have to go and ask that.  I was happy to be getting stuff done… that is all well and good, but I still didn’t see a road back to my real life.  The one with the wife and the children.  These ideas would all need to generate momentum in a way that also generated revenue, and that just wasn’t happening.

“No.  I am not happy.”

“You are creating, you are taking a little time to make progress on the things that are most important in your life.”

“Yes, and I am thankful for all those things, really I am.  I just miss the world where I come home every day, and I am in more pain these days…and my vision is really getting weird.  Sometimes I cannot see text clearly on the computer because of all the wierd distortion in my vision.”

“Well, sounds like you should see a doctor.”

“I have.”


“And I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Why not, Mr. Smith?”

“Because it is only Chapter 111.  I’m not ready to become someone else’s beginning, yet.”

“I’m not sure I understand.”

“Every day is a gift. And I try to make the most of that gift. Again, for that I am thankful.  But every day. . . I just feel like I am fading out before my time, that’s all. Like there’s more fight in my soul than there is in my body – my poor physical body just can’t keep up with me.”

It is almost 1AM in the real world.  I am so tired.

“Mr. Smith, can I try to cheer you up?”

Can an imaginary therapist powered by my whims say anything to cheer me up? Ahh, the world is full of surprises.

“Knock yourself out,” I said.

“Long ago, I put the ballerina in a box.  And I never let her out again.”

“That’s supposed to cheer me up?”

“I never let her out again, until you showed me that ghastly picture for the game.  That day, I realized… you never truly buried your dreams. But I realized I had… so I dug around and I found these.”

I don’t know where she got them from, but she was holding a pair of glossy and slightly-tattered black shoes. They were small…like children’s shoes.

“Are those yours?” I asked.

“Yeah,” she said,”Thanks to you, I’ve reconnected with something I thought was lost.”

“I am happy for you.”

“I knew I could cheer you up.”

“Wow, for a fake therapist, I gotta give you some points for that, Dr. Thegan.”

That night, I went to bed… So far away and yet so close.

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