Ironic Ionics

You know, I have heard some buzz about “Ionized” water.  It has been around a long time, but there seems to be an increasing wave of marketing behind it.  So, after being impressed with the concept for all of 30 minutes, I found this article (don’t let the WordPress Site Prview fool you, the link DOES work!), which I think represents a decent rebuttal.

I am not a chemist, but enough of my high school chemistry lingers in my brain to say that the information is reasonable.  If nothing else, people can make an informed decision.  My decision (for those who care):  It is all a bunch of bull.  Ionized water, ph balancing your body, antioxidants, molecule structure, use in aquariums, use in foot baths, and the all the other nonsense claims of multi-level marketing companies (esp. Kangen, but anyone selling ionizers, really): ionized water is just another scam of the moment.  Buyer beware!

Even if you do decide to buy one, Kangen is outrageously priced. You can by them direct for $1000-$1500…which, IMHO, is probably better served buying a reverse osmosis purifier or other filtration system.

On the plus side, I completed Chapter 106 of story 2912 today.


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